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Nasib's Shawarma is the finest Shawarma restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area. Everything is homemade and only use the freshest and best tasting vegetables and toppings and serve the best quality meat.

Ask for some Arabic coffee after your dinner, it's our treat! We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Shawarma Wraps & Sandwiches

Nasib’s Shawarma is the most popular in the Greater Toronto Area and each wrap is homemade with all the freshest toppings and best quality meat.

*Shawarma MEGA sandwich (chicken or beef) $4.95
*Falafel Sandiwch (vegetarian) $4.45
*Veal Sandwich $5.99

*Buy 2 Shawarma MEGA sandwiches for $8.85

*Extra chicken or beef add $1.99


Extra Side Sauces and Addons

We have some added extra side dishes for you to choose from: Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, and Fries.

*Baba Ghanoush $5.99
*Fries $2.75


Chicken Fingers or Nugget Dinner

Each Chicken Fingers Entrée comes with 6 pieces of chicken, homemade salad and fries.


Ocean Fish Dinner

Each Ocean Fish Dinner comes with a Fatoush salad, a plate of hummus, Tahini sauce and your choice of fish.


Shawarma Chicken or Beef Dinner

Each Shawarma Chicken or Beef Entrée comes with a homemade salad, Tahini sauce and your choice of Basmati Rice or fries.
*Extra chicken or beef add $2.99


Shish Tawouk Dinner

Each Shish Tawouk Dinner comes with a homemade salad, Basmati rice, and cup of hummus.
*Extra meat add $2.99


Kafta Platter Entrée

Each Kafta Platter comes with 3 pieces of Kafka, roasted tomato, Basmati rice, hummus, and homemade salad.
*Extra chicken or beef add $2.99


Salads – Greek, Tabuleh, or Fatoush

Get your choice of Large side salad, three to choose from and all homemade.


Falafel Dinner

Each Falafel Dinner comes with 6 pieces of Falafel, homemade salad, pita, and hummus.



Enjoy 2 pieces of Kubi with sauce.
*Extra meat add $2.99


Ful Medames

Served with vegetable oil, cumin, and optionally with chopped parsley, garlic, onion, lemon juice and chili pepper.
*Extra meat add $2.99


Halibut Sandwich

Enjoy halibut fish deepfried with all the toppings.


Fatoush Salad & Chicken

Enjoy a Fatoush salad with some chicken on top.
*Extra meat add $2.99



Enjoy a nice piece of our Cheese Pie or Baklava.